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Episode 63: A Pattern Language for Distributed Systems with Henney and Buschmann

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Episode 63: A Pattern Language for Distributed Systems with Henney and Buschmann

In this Episode we talked about the new POSA 4 book which has recently been published. We talk to two of the authors, Kevlin Henney and Frank Buschmann (the third author, Doug Schmidt was not available – and he had also been on the podcast a couple of times :-)). The book contains a pattern language for distributed systems. It contains 114 patterns that had been published before by many different other authors. The patterns have been rewritten to form a consistent language.
We basically talked through the different sections of the book, which gives a really good overview over the challenges and the solutions of building distributed systems. These sections include From Mud to Structure, Distribution Infrastructure, Event Demultiplexing and Dispatching, Interface Partitioning, Component Patitioning, Application Contrl, Concurrency, Synchronization, Object Interaction, Adaptazion and Extension, Modal Behaviour, Resource Management and finally, Database Access.

The book references several other previous works (as listed below). Interestingly, many of these referenced works and authors have also been discussed previously on the podcast. Here are the back references:

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Episode 62: Martin Odersky on Scala

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Episode 62: Martin Odersky on Scala

In this Episode we talk about the Scala language with its creator Martin Odersky. Scala is a language that fuses object oriented and functional programming. Martin started out by providing a two-minute overview over the language, and then talked a little bit about its history. We then discussed the basics of functional programming. The main part of the episode features a discussion of some of the important features of the Scala language:

  • Case Classes and Pattern Matching
  • Multiple Inheritance and Compound Types, Traits, Mixins
  • Closures
  • Functions as types, “Function pointers”, Anonymous functions
  • Higher Order Functions
  • Currying
  • (Sequence) Comprehensions
  • Generics
  • Type Bounds (Upper, Lower)
  • Static/Dynamic Typing, Type Inference
  • Operators
  • Implicits

We then talked about Scala’s actors library, a highly scalable concurrency package. The last part of the episode covered some more general topics, such as where and how Scala is used today, IDE support and the user and developer community. We concluded the episode by looking at current development and next steps in Scala language evolution.

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Episode 61: Internals of GCC

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Episode 61: Internals of GCC

This show takes a behind-the-scenes look at compilers and their inner workings, using the Gnu compiler collection (GCC) as an example. Arno interview Morgan Deters, covering all steps from the parsing of different programming languages to machine independenet optimizations and generating processor specific binary code.

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