Episode 91: Kevlin Henney on C++

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Guest(s): Kevlin Henney

Host(s): Arno
In this episode, we talk with Kevlin Henney about the C++ programming language. We look at the history and the culture of the language, and how it went through several phases in its evolution. We also take a look at some of the special language features of C++ and their overall influence.


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  1. pknotz says:

    I first heard Kevlin speak at SD West 2008 (Feb ’08) and was quite impressed. In this podcast, I think he does a great job of giving a honest and balanced view of C++. He goes beyond the simple “use the right tool for the right job” spiel and gives some really good insights into various language features.

    Great interview – thanks!

  2. thines01 says:

    What about the new C++ included with .NET?


  3. svasala says:

    That’s an impressive talk which provides a broad view of the language.

    Thanks a lot!

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