Episode 111: About Us 2008

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Host(s): Markus
In this episode we discuss the status of SE Radio today and introduce the team members. Among other things, Markus discusses stats, sound quality, partners, transcripts, and the cooperation with Hillside Europe. Also, the team members introduce themselves with a one to two minute clip.


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  1. ikr says:

    Hello Markus.

    I’d suggest publishing the transcripts as a wiki, just as they are now. Let the proven Wikipedia model work. Gradually, people reading the texts will make them perfect.

    You’d better have a version control, of course.

    Thanks for an amazing work you all do.

  2. mal says:

    I agree. Use a Wiki to proof read the transcripts.


  3. japonophile says:

    Thank you for this episode about the SE-radio team and listeners!

    It is good to know about the real people behind our favorite podcasts.

    I did not know Michael was working in the healthcare business (we may be working for competitors, but we are part of the same industry, and pursuing the same goals!)

    Yes, (most) SE-radio podcasts are of high quality and target experienced professionals. And I really hope this will continue!

    Thank you to the whole team & keep on the good work.

  4. StevenYang says:

    Hi, Guys,
    I am from China, the website is useful, I’d like to introduce it to my friends.
    Thanks what you did.


  5. JanMaterne says:

    What about linking from the team members page [1] to the already recorderd 2minutes MP3?


    [1] http://se-radio.net/team

  6. ghernan99 says:

    SER Team,
    I ‘ve heard during one of the episodes that you need help to do certain tasks related to the site. I would like to offer my help in whatever shape or form you need. I can spend a few hours a week doing stuff for your site. Let me know how I can help. You have my e-mail, right?

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