Episode 124: OpenJDK with Dalibor Topic

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Recording Venue:
Guest(s): Dalibor Topic

Host(s): Arno
In this episode we look at SUN’s open source strategy for the OpenJDK. We discuss challenges in creating such a big open source project, and ways to keep it focused and organized. We discuss what it means for the Java runtime to be adopted as the technological foundation for other programming languages.


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  1. Markus says:

    We have identified the problem and will be uploading a fixed version.

    Sorry for this.

  2. Markus says:

    Guys, you don’t have to vote against this :-)

    It is a bug, not a feature :-) We usually do a 15% left/right pan of the two voices.

    We’ll upload a fix sometime this week (hopefully). Again, sorry for this. Every mistake happens once :-)


  3. JGarretson says:

    Consider this my most emphatic vote against the bi-mono sound (one voice on the left and the other on the right). I listen to podcasts with only a single earbud, and I was not able to hear the guest on this episode. It adds nothing and makes your podcast less accessible.

  4. Matt R says:

    Other than the panning snafu, I though this was a very interesting episode, and would like to hear more interviews with programming language people. Seems only about 1 in 10 SE Radio episodes qualify for the “Languages” category; I know I’d like more!

  5. pla says:

    Hey Guys

    Great content but I’m not a fan of the bi-mono sound. A slightly panned stereo recording is my preference.

    Thanks, PLA

  6. The0retico says:

    Even listening with two reproductors, listening to one side for longer time is not very good. I personaly listen to it downmixed to mono. The idea with panned stereo is very good, it will add the quality to the sound and it will be easier to recognize who is talking and it wont be as intrusive as it is in this case.

  7. ikr says:

    Was that intentional that Arno’s voice is only in the left channel, and Dalibor’s — only in the right? Sounds weird.

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