Episode 130: Code Visualization with Michele Lanza

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Recording Venue: JAOO
Guest(s): Michele Lanza

Host(s): Markus
This episode is a discussion about code and metrics visualization with Michele Lanza. Michele invented the Code Cities idea about which he talks in this episode.


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  1. irwan.syahrir says:

    Thanks for this episode which sparked some interest in me.
    Btw, where is the slide that is mentioned in the podcast? I really want to see what the visualization is like.
    Hopefully I am not missing something because I am not familiar with this site. I primarily get the episode from my iTunes.


  2. eoinwoods says:

    You can see what the visualisations are like on the tool home page here: http://www.inf.unisi.ch/phd/wettel/codecity.html

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