Episode 140: Newspeak and Pluggable Types with Gilad Bracha

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Recording Venue: DSL Devcon
Guest(s): Gilad Bracha

Host(s): Markus
This episode is a conversation with Gilad Bracha about Newspeak, type systems in general and optional/pluggable types in particular. It was recorded during DSL Devcon in the gardens of the Microsoft campus, and thanks to Gilad’s “speaking like a book” way of talking it is published completely unedited :-)


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  1. eeide says:

    Gilad’s last name is “Bracha.”

  2. Markus says:

    … sorry, fixed. But at least we were consistently wrong :-)


  3. ctford says:

    Gilad has an adroit way of putting things. One quote I particularly enjoyed was “a type system is essentially Napoleonic law”.

  4. hardeepvirdee says:

    I really enjoy these in-depth discussions and exploratory podcasts. SE-radio is my favourite IT related podcast. Please keep up the great interviews. I hope that you are not running out of new guests and topics!

  5. nuigurumi says:

    Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have an episode with a proponent of strict static typing as well? There must be some benefits, those people aren’t doing static typing just because they are morons…

  6. Skilldrick says:

    I wanted to blog about Gilad’s “Presumption of guilt” views, but I ended up just transcribing that section of the podcast. If anyone’s interested, it’s available at: http://skilldrick.co.uk/2010/04/static-typing-the-presumption-of-guilt/

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