Episode 147: Software Development Manager

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Host(s): Michael Markus
Michael and Markus discuss what makes a good R&D manager and how to potentially become an R&D manager. You will learn what some of the essential skills are, what the challenges are, and what the ‘mission/vision/strategy thing’ is actually good for.


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  1. tim says:

    hi all,
    i am very insterested in this topic, but i can only understand a portion of the talk cause of my poor english lisntening. :(

  2. Eek says:

    The topic and discussion is interesting, but unfortunately, Michael’s voice is extremely low compared to Markus’ which makes the discussion very difficult to listen to.

  3. Markus says:

    … the levels are very different. I’ll see if I still have the original recordings, so we can remix it.


  4. billmelvin says:

    I see that the difference in the speaker voice levels has been mentioned already. I did not download again to see if the levels are fixed.

    I made the mp3 into a wav, processed it with the Levelator, and am listening now with much better levels. The Levelator uses algorithms to automatically adjust loudness of the audio. It seems to work very well. I have found when using it during production it’s best to apply it before adding music and doing fades. It’s available for free from the Conversations Network. I think the license allows for commercial use as well. It does “phone home” to check for updates but that’s not unusual these days.


  5. Michael says:

    The sound levels have been fixed meanwhile. Please excuse the inconvenience.


  6. albersma says:

    Hi Markus and Michael,
    good podcast about the managerial view on software engineering.
    I’d just like to re-emphasize the value of the Manager-Tool podcast series (www.manager-tools.com) to the audience. You can find about 100 different podcasts about all aspects of manager’s responibilities, best practices etc. It discusses all different duties, do’s and dont’s of managerial behaviour from coaching, delegation, one-one-ones, giving presentations, leading team-meetings, hiring & firing directs.

    It is delivered by two (ex-)managers from the US with background in the IT-industry, so there is a kind of linkage to software development as well. As it is delivered by 2 US-guys you’ll notice the verbose style of decorating and re-iterating the key messages all the time. On one hand that might be somewhat lenghty to listen, on the other hand it entertains you and gives you some rationale on why a mangerial behaviour should be X and not Y. At least it is action-oriented rather than theorectical and helped me a lot during my first months of becoming a software development team leader.

    Bernd Albersmann

  7. xamde says:

    I found the name for this pattern nice. There is a free little online tool that is intended to help objectifying problem solving at http://solvr.freshbrain.com

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