Episode 170: Large Agile Software Development with Bas Vodde

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Recording Venue: Skype

Guest: Bas Vodde

Host: Michael

In this episode Michael talks with Bas Vodde about how to apply agile principles to large and distributed development organizations. Bas shares his experiences on working in, consulting and coaching companies to adopt Scrum for large scale software development. Together Bas and Michael explore common problems and how organizations deal with these problems. Problems such as how to move to a feature-centric organization, how to get peoples buy-in in the transition or why to base large-scale development on Scrum.


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  1. Thanks Bas for sharing your experiences and insights on large organisational transitions to agile. I enjoyed listening to your talk.

  2. bram van oosterhout says:

    This was very timely in my development.

    I really like the thoughtful pace of the interview. As well as the information provided.

    Thanks heaps SE radio. You do good work.

  3. bram van oosterhout says:

    And by the way: This page is not Valid XHTML.
    That may be the reason the captcha entry box vanishes under the RSS feed notice?

  4. Adam Skoblinski says:

    I have a feeling that the most interesting and “hot” questions were starting to appear in the second part of the interview, but anyway a very interesting talk. I’d love to hear more real stories on the subject…

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