Episode 180: Leading Agile Developers with Jurgen Appelo

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Recording Venue: Skype

Guest: Jurgen Appelo

In this episode Michael interviews developer, manager, and book author Jurgen Appelo on the topic of management in agile organizations: leading agile developers. They talk about the need for a different style of management compared to previous command and control styles used to lead organizations. In going through the best practices that are also covered by his latest book Management 3.0, they cover topics like: Energize People, Empower Teams, Align Constraints, Develop Competence, Grow Structure, and Improve Everything – which are the six views he uses to explain his experiences.

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  1. Santeri Vesalainen says:

    @jurgenappelo Liked especially the example of purpose setting when you compared it to “setting a purpose to child” . Otherwise the podcast felt a bit short. So, listened more : http://t.co/pgnZXZXj

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  3. The audio on the podcast could really use normalization. Perhaps a sound check on the two mic’s audio record levels before the recording starts. I was either trying really hard to hear the interviewee, or getting my ear drums destroyed by the interviewer. In the end I found a middle ground where I was barely able to ear the interviewee, and hear the interviewer clearly.

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