Fantastic stuff: The best podcast on its subject matter, without a doubt. Clear, concise and current – what else could you ask for?! Submitted by: clivevanhilten

Exceptional podcast: It achieves the aims set out in its description perfectly, this is a lasting resource for software developers. Well done! Submitted By: j.n.h.wilson

Refreshing and enthusiastic: Markus and the team bring much-needed enthusiasm to what can often be quite heavy-going topics. All the episodes are informative and the expert interviewees are always interesting. Thanks guys. Submitted By: matt

Great podcast: This podcast deals with the real issues of modern software design. [..] The coverage of topics is excellent and it is something to which all software engineers should listen. Submitted By: aiyagari

Best thing going: Without a doubt the best podcast going. Everything is great – the topics, the guests, the level of detail, insight, and relevance. Cant get enough. Submitted By: systover

Always Interesting: There are a couple of nice things about this podcast. First, its not totally devoted to topics surrounding some platform or vendor […] The authors also seem to strike the right level of discussion of key concepts and ideas. For instance, I don’t work in the application areas that many of the authors do but the concepts, lessons, and abstractions often have relevance anyway [..] Submitted By: patnotz

SE-Radio is great: This is a professional podcast that present a language neutral and thorough analysis of programming issues and strategies. Excellent. Submitted By: jedatu

Excellent Resource: Great content, presented clearly and seriously. Excellent for learning and generating ideas. Submitted By: FHWData

Informative, inspirational and entertaining: Software Engineering Radio gave me the opportunity to listen to real professionals talk about real software engineering subjects. It is a great feat that they managed to be informative, inspirational, and entertaining, even after using a foreign lanugage to express themselves. Great job. I hope they keep the ball rolling. Submitted By: jj2

Remarkable educational value: This year I decided to use it as course material for my software architecture course.
Submitted by: Martin Robillard, Assistant Professor, McGill University

I am giving a short talk on SE-Radio next week to the IT Architect community at my company – so hopefully you will have some more followers soon! Submitted by: John Muncey

I really just wanted to say thanks, you’re doing a great job, keep it up. If Martin Fowler is akin to the Michael Jordan of Enterprise Solutions, you guys are like the Bayern Munich of Software. Submitted by: Oren