Episode 205: Martin Lippert on Eclipse Flux

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Martin Lippert

Martin Lippert

Eberhard Wolff talks with Martin Lippert of Pivotal about the Eclipse Flux project. This projects is in its early stages — and has a very interesting goal: It aims to put software development tools into the cloud. It is a lot more than just an IDE (integrated development environment) in a browser. Instead the IDE itself is decomposed into several services that might run on your local computer or on a server somewhere on the net. Service might be complex and e.g. provide a continuous integration environment or just a feature like code reconciliation. To create such a system an asynchronous Micro Service architecture is used instead of the the Eclipse Plugin model. The result is an open platform that redefines how IDEs are implemented and architected — and as it is not tied to Eclipse it might change the whole IDE landscape. We discuss what this approach means for users as well as how it is implemented. Flux is also an interesting case study that shows how even highly interactive applications that need low latency can be implemented as a widely distributed system with asynchronous communication and loose coupling.



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