SE-Radio Episode 338: Brent Laster on the Jenkins 2 Build Server

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Brent Laster, author of Jenkins 2: Up and Running talks about build pipelines, on Jenkins 2 a build server that can be used to implement continuous integration and deployment and is more devops-friendly that Jenkins 1. Host Robert Blumen talks to Brent about continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), the role of the build server in CI/CD, build pipelines, DevOps and the “pipeline as code” model, differences between Jenkins and Jenkins 2, the Jenkinsfile, scripted pipelines in a groovy DSL versus a declarative model, shared libraries of code, Jenkins2 as a workflow management system, scaling out Jenkins with a pool of compute resources, management of on-demand resources, integration of pipelines with Docker, the Jenkins plugin model, how Jenkins jobs are initiated (scheduled, event-driven, or UI), failure modes for pipelines, alerting people or other systems from Jenkins, management of credentials, users, roles and role-based authorization, and key drivers for adoption of Jenkins within an organization.

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