Episode 406: Torin Sandall on Distributed Policy Enforcement

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Torin Sandall of Styra and Open Policy Agent discussed OPA and policy engines and how they can benefit software projects security and compliance. Host Justin Beyer spoke with Sandall about the benefits of removing authorization logic from your applications. Specifically, how OPA can create a single view of all policies across your software stack for both configuration verification and user authorization. They also discussed how having a generic policy tool can allow broader use cases such as data masking and data localization enforced through the same tooling. They also had a brief discussion on how policy engines can be leveraged in combination with authentication protocols, such as OAUTH, to create a Authentication, Authorization, and Account (AAA) stack within applications. They also discussed how OPA, specifically, deals with some distributed systems issues, such as Split Brain problem, with regards to the different deployment options. A discussion also occurred surrounding how Gatekeeper fits into the OPA project umbrella to provide tooling specifically for Kubernetes.

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