Episode 446: Nigel Poulton on Kubernetes Fundamentals

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Nigel Poulton, author of The Kubernetes Book and Docker Deep Dive, discusses Kubernetes fundamentals, why Kubernetes is gaining so much momentum, and why it’s considered “the” Cloud OS. Host Gavin Henry spoke with Poulton about when to use Kubernetes, the different ways to deploy it, the protocols involved, security considerations, pods, sidecars, the RAFT protocol, Docker Desktop, Open Container Initiative, Docker Swarm, alternatives to Docker for containers, handling secrets, Docker container runtime deprecation, the correct number of master and worker nodes, using different availability zones, “declarative models,” “desired state,” the beauty of YAML, “deployments,” testing, APIs, Helm (kubernetes package manager), persistent state, DNS, mTLS, service meshes, deploying an example app that’s a JSON API written in golang with PostgreSQL backend, and when to think about starting with Docker Swarm instead.

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