Episode 457: Jeffery D Smith on DevOps Anti Patterns

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Jeffery D Smith, author of Operations Anti-Patterns, DevOps Solutions, discusses anti-patterns in software development organizations and how they can be fixed. Host Robert Blumen spoke with Smith about why he chose to focus on what can go wrong; fixing things that are broken in your organization; information hoarding; why important information about systems can be centralized or otherwise difficult to locate; processes for information sharing; why documentation tends to lag or be incomplete; “culture by decree”; gaps between stated culture and how organizations work; evolving culture; DevOps as a culture shift; alert fatigue; costs of both under- and over-alerting; what is the right level of alerts?; how to calibrate alerting for new products with no history of normal; cognitive biases in alerting; and tooling – do organizations under-invest in tools? What is the cost of not having tools?

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