Episode 470: L. Peter Deutsch on the Fallacies of Distributed Computing

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L. Peter Deutsch of Aladdin Enterprises and formerly of Sun Microsystems joined host Jeff Doolittle to discuss the fallacies of distributed computing. Peter retold the history of the fallacies themselves and corrected some frequent misattributions and misunderstandings regarding their origin. The discussion also addressed interrelationships between the fallacies and changes in the relevance of particular fallacies over the past 30 years. Specific topics referenced during the show include network reliability, network security, message security, and network topology.


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  • “Single biggest design mistake is to not make an address space big enough” -attributed to Butler Lampson
  • “Good open standards for software interfaces and data formats are more important than for software itself to be open source.” -L Peter Deutsch
  • “The greater the adherence of a multi-network or inter-network is to standards, the less of an issue homogeneity at the hardware level or the implementation level becomes. The standards make the network not only appear homogeneous, but in operation be sufficiently homogenous.” – L Peter Deutsch
  • Morris’ Dictum – “The great thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from” – Jim Morris


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