Episode 476: Leonid Shevtsov on Transactional Email

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Leonid Shevtsov, software architect at Railsware and developer of a forthcoming mail transfer agent talks with host Robert Blumen about email protocols and transactional email. The discussion opens with an overview of email; the architecture of email; DNS records and email; components of an email address; how email is forwarded; bounces; other things that can go wrong; the SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol); comparisons to HTTP; authentication and email; vulnerability to spoofing; SPF and DKIM verification frameworks; limitations of verification frameworks. The second part of the discussion covers transactional email – email sent in response to a user event such as password reset or order update; failure modes; bounces; spam reports; handling of adverse events; build versus buy; difficulties in testing email use cases; testing tools. Challenges of bulk email delivery.

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