SE-Radio Audio Advertising Rates

With an average of more than 31,000 downloads per episode, Software Engineering Radio ( was recently rated the #1 podcast for software developers on Sprintly, “Developer Podcasts: 10 Most Recommended Developers on Hacker News.”

Targeted for professional developers and published by IEEE Software magazine, SE Radio podcasts are designed to be a lasting educational resource, not a newscast. Currently posting at a rate of three podcasts each month, SE Radio episodes cover all topics of software engineering. Recent interviews include:

  • Martin Fowler on agile development
  • Eric Brewer on the CAP theorem
  • Eric Evans on Domain-Driven Design
  • Kent Beck on unit testing
  • Scott Meyers on C++
  • Adrian Cockroft on microservices
  • Erich Gamma on design patterns



  • Pre-roll: 10 to 30 seconds, $40 CPM
  • Post-roll: 10 to 60 seconds, $30 CPM
  • Mid-roll: 30 seconds, $50 CPM

*Based on a minimum of 30k downloads.



  • Audio spots must be provided as 128 kbps MP3s.
  • For sponsorship, materials are due 5 days before the podcast
  • SE Radio can create custom ads starting at $150.

For information, please contact Debbie Sims, Sales Support Specialist • phone: +1-714-816-2138 • fax: +1-714-821-4010