Software Engineering Radio has been named a top resource by a wide range of sites, and the team works hard to make the show valuable for working software developers:






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“The coolest thing about Software Engineering Radio and what ultimately makes it such a great resource are the subjects and the people they interview … Another thing I would like to mention is the format of the episodes. They are interviews and the team at SE Radio go to great lengths to prepare and ask just the right questions to illuminate the topic at completely and extract pearls of wisdom from the people they interview. I think this format is better than a speech or a presentation because of the interaction between the interviewer and the interviewed.”


Stories behind the products you love
Because it is the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) that produces Software Engineering radio, you can expect quality content aimed at professional developers. Episode 285, with James Cowling from DropBox, is a standout, an ideal way to learn how to build large-scale distributed systems from a company that has a proven track record in doing so.



A Brief Selection from Our Readers

  • Fantastic stuff: The best podcast on its subject matter, without a doubt. Clear, concise and current – what else could you ask for?! Submitted by: clivevanhilten
  • Exceptional podcast: It achieves the aims set out in its description perfectly, this is a lasting resource for software developers. Well done! Submitted By: j.n.h.wilson
  • Great podcast: This podcast deals with the real issues of modern software design. […] The coverage of topics is excellent and it is something to which all software engineers should listen. Submitted By: aiyagari
  • Best thing going: Without a doubt the best podcast going. Everything is great – the topics, the guests, the level of detail, insight, and relevance. Cant get enough. Submitted By: systover
  • Always Interesting: There are a couple of nice things about this podcast. First, its not totally devoted to topics surrounding some platform or vendor […] The authors also seem to strike the right level of discussion of key concepts and ideas. For instance, I don’t work in the application areas that many of the authors do but the concepts, lessons, and abstractions often have relevance anyway [..] Submitted By: patnotz
  • SE-Radio is great: This is a professional podcast that present a language neutral and thorough analysis of programming issues and strategies. Excellent. Submitted By: jedatu
  • Excellent Resource: Great content, presented clearly and seriously. Excellent for learning and generating ideas. Submitted By: FHWData
  • Informative, inspirational and entertaining: Software Engineering Radio gave me the opportunity to listen to real professionals talk about real software engineering subjects. It is a great feat that they managed to be informative, inspirational, and entertaining, even after using a foreign lanugage to express themselves. Great job. I hope they keep the ball rolling. Submitted By: jj2
  • Remarkable educational value: This year I decided to use it as course material for my software architecture course.
    Submitted by: Martin Robillard, Assistant Professor, McGill University