SE-Radio Episode 287: Success Skills for Architects with Neil Ford

Neal-2012-headshot100x125Neal Ford of ThoughtWorks chats with Kim Carter about what the required skills are in order to be a successful Software Architect, how to create and maintain them, and how to transition to them from other roles, such as Software Engineering. Neal discusses that the required skills can be learnt, you do not have to be born with special attributes. Those looking to make the transition should especially focus on learning soft skills before making the move, and exploring the idea of taking an architectural role temporarily to see if it suites you. Neal also discusses problem solving skills, why understanding history is so important, and how to recognize and avoid increasing complexity. Kim raised the point of how to recognize code monkeys vs professional developers, and Neal responded with techniques of encouraging equilibrium with the two types. Neal also discussed: bringing change, tech radars, dealing with losing technical skills, and what failure is in an architectural role and how to learn from it.

Venue: Internet

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