Episode 166: Living Architectures with John Wiegand

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Recording Venue: Skype
Guest: John Wiegand

Host: Martin

This time we have John Wiegand on the mic for an episode on architectures and agile software development. We talk about the role of architectures in an agile world and why architectures change and need to change over time. We discuss the characteristics of those living architectures, using the Eclipse and the Jazz projects as examples, and the surrounding development methods for such environments.


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  1. Ori Assaraf says:

    Downloaded version is cutted after less then a minute….

    • Martin Lippert says:

      Hi Ori!

      I have no problem downloading the mp3 file for the whole episode. Could you try again?


  2. tom stokes says:

    Could you provide a list of archives – with name of the interview and a short subject??

  3. tom stokes says:

    Bernd – YEP – exactly what I meant…THANKS

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