Episode 176: Quantum Computing with Martin Laforest

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Recording Venue: Skype

Guest: Martin Laforest

In this Episode, we talk about quantum computing. Our guest is Martin Laforest from the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, Canada. We start with some physics basics, and then cover topics ranging from how quantum computing works, which different models of quantum computing are explored, current and future uses of the approach as well as the current state of the art. This is one of the more propellerhead-oriented episodes, so make sure you listen carefully :-)

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  1. Jan says:

    This was posted recently on SlashDot about quantum computing


    Lockheed Martin actually buying such a system. I thought we were nowhere near commercial quantum computers yet. :-)

  2. Bob Lauer says:

    I was gonna ask the same question: D-Wave (the company behind the aforementioned quantum computer) has already mentioned a “breakthrough” in commercially available quantum computers a few years ago. They’ve had lots of venture captital from Germany and Canada, if I remember correctly.

    So are they selling snake oil? Or is it just a computer that makes use of some quantum effects to run a bit faster, but not actually applying q-bit computation (which they claim to do)?

    (see http://www.dwavesys.com/en/products-services.html for details)

  3. Mads Lindstrøm says:

    The discussion touched upon quantum computers relation to Turing machines. As I understood it, you have exponential blowup when you run a quantum program upon a Turing machine. Thus, I was wondering if quantum computers were equivalent to non-deterministic Turing machines?

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