Episode 181: Distributed Scrum with Rini van Solingen

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Recording Venue: Skype

Guest: Rini van Solingen

In this episode we talk with Rini van Solingen, the author of the book “The Power of Scrum”, about scrum and agile software development in distributed settings where the team is spread across different locations, different buildings or even different countries and continents. We reflect about the basic concepts and assumptions of agile software development and what makes it difficult to do real agile software development when the team members are not co-located. Walking through the different areas we also discuss different cultures, team building for distributed teams, what it means to use video conferencing or other technology to overcome the communication problems of distributed teams and why you should probably not start as a distributed team.

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  1. Jim says:

    working on a distributed scrum team I was excited when this podcast came by, unfortunately it was mostly fluff and zero content. The theme of “teams just work it out themselves” doesn’t really help much.
    Could have been so much more.

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