Episode 187: Grant Ingersoll on the Solr Search Engine

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Recording Venue: Lucene Revolution 2012 (Boston)

Guest: Grant Ingersoll

Grant IngersollGrant Ingersoll, a committer on the Apache Solr and Lucene, talks with Robert about the  problems of full-text search and why applications are taking control of their own search, and then continues with a dive into the architecture of the Solr search engine. The architecture portion of the interview covers the Lucene full-text index, including the text ingestion process, how indexes are built, and how the search engine ranks search results.  Grant also explains some of the key differences between a search engine and a relational database, and why both have a place within modern application architectures.  They close with a discussion of how Solr can scale up to serve very large indexes.

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  1. Sandro Coelho says:

    Great episode!

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