Episode 487: Davide Bedin on Dapr Distributed Application Runtime

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Davide Bedin, a cloud solution architect at Microsoft and professional Dapr enthusiast joined host Jeff Doolittle to discuss his book, Practical Microservices with Dapr and .NET. Dapr (the Distributed Application Runtime; https://dapr.io) simplifies cloud-native application development by providing standards-based solutions for common application requirements. This approach provides a clean separation of core application logic from typical infrastructural concerns. Davide’s book helps application developers get started using Dapr with an introduction to its core building blocks. Some of these are discussed in detail during the episode, such as service invocation, state management, and publish & subscribe. The conversation addresses topics related to Dapr as a community-driven open source initiative that adopts and implements according to open standards, such as those published by the CNCF. Practices for adopting Dapr in both greenfield applications and existing systems are discussed. The relationship of Dapr to container orchestration technologies such as Kubernetes is also explored.

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